Dialogue 2 – intermediate level

Supervisor: It’s nice to see you David. I think you have worked in our company before, is it true? David: Hello. Yes, it’s true, I worked in this company last summer. S: Great, so we know you a little bit. Remind me please. What were you responsible for last year? D: At the beginning I was working in packing, later on the production line, and then in quality control. S: And how long were you working in quality control? D: Around a month. Altogether I was working for the whole July, August and half of the September. S: Right, now I remember. D: I’ really glad to be working with You again. S: How long are you going to stay with us this time? D: According to the agreement I am to be here until the end of September, so two months altogether. S: And what are you going to do later? D: I arranged with my employer in Poland to go to Holland for 2 months, but in September I should come back to Poland to get permanent employment.

  1. 1. How long has David come to Holland for?

  2. What is David going to do in October?