Dialogue 1 – intermediate level

Friend: Hi. How do you like the job? David: Hi. It’s good, but I have to say that the first day was stressful. F: Why? D: You know, new place, new people, new job. But I think it’s normal. F: Exactly. What did you do in Poland? D: I’m still studying. But I usually worked part-time in a supermarket. F: And what were you responsible for? D: I worked as a cashier and sometimes as a merchandiser in a warehouse, most often at night. F: Sounds very active. D: You need to make a living. Studies cost quite a lot money and the earnings in Poland are not the best. F: I’ve heard about it, but I think it’s not only the problem in Poland.
F: How long are you going to work here?
D: I would like to work here as long as it’s possible, I like it here. But in October I start new term on my studies. F: What do you study? D: Logistics. In the future I would like to manage logistic centres. F: So it’s a little similar to what you are doing here. D: You’re quite right – it is definitely valuable that I can get to know rules for storing goods in such a large centre.

  1. Why was the first day at work demanding for David?

  2. What does David study?