Dialogue 1 – pre-intermediate level

Friend: Hi, I'm Mark, It's break time. David: Hi, I'm David, you're right, it's one o'clock.
D: Where's the canteen? F: Come with me. Tell me, how are you enjoying the work here? D: It's fine. It's an interesting job. F: I can see that you are married, have you got children? D: Yes, I have got a son. His name's Tomek. F: How old is he? D: He's two years old. And have you got any children? F: Yes, I have got two daughters, Margaret and Ivonne. Have you worked in Holland before? D: No, I haven't. This is the first time. F: You must be lonely, far away from your family. D: I came with my brother so it's not so bad. F: Have you got more brothers and sisters? D: Yes, besides a brother I've got a younger sister. F: What's the age difference between you? D: I'm 23, my brother is 27 and my sister is 20. F: Great. I've always wanted to have siblings because I'm the only child. Here's the canteen, see you later. D: Thank you, see you later.

  1. How many children has David's new friend got?

  2. Who has David come to Holland with?